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Business Growth Retreat & Networking Event

Wed, February 6th | 8:30 AM – 11:00 AM EDT

Please join me for a interactive retreat and networking session where big business concepts can now be accessed by small businesses to successfully grow your business. Learn to improve your time management and productivity. Learn to how to have a strategic business mindset. Start to excel at leadership; not doership. Whether you are a business owner, manager, or a salesperson you will benefit form learning how to improve your work and your personal life. This is your time to reflect, think, and plan for the future!

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The Growth Coach Lancaster is proud to bring this proven coaching model to business owners in Lancaster PA and the surrounding areas. As certified business coaches, we’re committed to helping you discover better ways to manage your business and life by guiding you through our unique, on-going Strategic Mindset® business coaching process. Our goal is to help people and businesses find their “why”. As longtime residents of we understand both the unique opportunity to start and run a business in the surrounding areas, and the challenges of raising family and maintaining a reasonable life balance in our community. We are here to help you develop a plan and continue to be successful.


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